Why does My Troll Patrol Work?

Lets face it making character education appealing for kids is challenging.  Transferring anti-social to pro-social behaviors is even more difficult.

My Troll Patrol works because it appeals to children. Its magical and fun! Beautifully illustrated books, posters, achievement bookmarks, troll gems and coins transport children into an appealing fantasy that is hard to resist.

Add the online gamification (where students do acts of service to advance levels to earn rewards) and you have the secret combination of a complete program that is irresistible.

Trolls mesmerize students and kids pay attention! Also, all the stories appeal to “Whats in it for me?” so students may see why adopting each value will help make them happy, empowered, and accepted by others.

Students also love being rewarded with troll gems, coins, and troll stamps.   Its an easy way to reinforce positive behavior. Students also love the status symbol of displaying their gems and coins on their backpacks.

My Troll Patrol is a simple yet powerful platform that drives real long-lasting positive behavior and it is fun for kids.