My Troll Patrol Program Implementation

Start the simple process of transforming your class/school in the kingdom of kindness!

Next, read the first two introductory books for free!

Epic Beginning_Cover

My Troll Patrol The Epic Beginning of many Trollmazing Adventures

A mean and ferocious troll learns about the Golden Rule from a boy named Cliff.  Cliff and other children mentor the troll and teach him the secrets to happiness.

Legends_Cover (1)

Legends of the Troll Scrolls The Secrets To Happiness

The second introductory book sets the stage on how the values were once a part of the Troll Kingdom and that trolls used to be kind, but they lost their way. When Bob returned to the Troll Kingdom, he was led on a journey that helped him discover ancient troll scrolls that contained the ancient values. Bob returned to the Troll Kingdom and changed the hearts and minds of all the trolls. They agreed to study the troll scrolls and teach children around the world the values that contain the secrets of happiness.

6 Easy Steps to launch a monthly value (there are 9 to choose from).

  1. Select a value, read the book and choose from a variety of activates i.e. Close Reading, Reader’s Theater, and Teacher Lesson reinforce the value:
  2. Provide students with the recognition bookmark for that value.  Recognize value performances throughout the month by stamping the back of students’ bookmarks with a troll stamp.
  3. Begin the epic online game.   Learn more
  4. At the end of the month recognize students (that have troll stamps on the back of their bookmarks) with a value gem and place it on their Troll Key Ring.    Also, you may send home a student of the month post card to parents and give students value achievement certificates.
  5. Communicate with parents the value your class is focusing on each month. There are two customizable messages: 1: Principal/Teacher Message. 2: Book correlation value Message.   The Principal/Teacher Message addresses the importance of the value. The Book Correlation Message provides a short description and details from the value book.
  6. Involve parents by the following:
    • Value messages.
    • Family Connection Value Lessons.
    • Online game participation.