My Troll Patrol Team

We combine educational expertise, creativity, and a desire to make character education meaningful and exciting for kids.  Content created by teachers for teachers, provides greater insight as to what teachers need.  We knew we had to create  materials that support language arts core content.


Courtney Johnson

1041-150x150Courtney is principal in Alpine School District and one of the authors of ‘My Troll Patrol’.  She received a BA in Elementary Education, MS Curriculum Instruction and an Educational Leadership certificate. She is a former pilot and loves being married to her flight instructor Kent who is chief pilot for Intermountain Health Care Life Flight. Together they have four children and two grandchildren.

Courtney has received several awards such as: Utah Association of Elementary School Principals’ Innovator of the Year, Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year, and Utah County Youth Advocate of the Year. She loves children and has dedicated her entire career to making school a special place to learn.

Jenifer Ramsey-Palomarez

1061-150x150Jenifer Ramsey-Palomarez is a 2nd grade teacher.   She has a B.S. in Elementary Education, an ESL endorsement, and has received the Teacher of the Year Award.

Jenifer has also been a volunteer for Soldier’s Angels for five years. She loves to travel, hike, read, write and collect children’s books, study history, go to movies, concerts and spend time with her husband, family and friends.

Jenifer has taught for thirteen years and loves the opportunity she has to teach and mold the young minds of her students.

She believes deeply in the values taught in the Troll Patrol books and seeks make the world a better place with love and humor. Her motto is, “Be the change you want to see in the world” by Mahatma Gandhi.

Linda Bethers

FAC_BETHERS_LINDA-e1342627194838Linda Bethers is an elementary school librarian so, of course, she likes children, books and reading.  She also likes dark chocolate, watermelons, toast, mashed potatoes, the USA, Australia, Portugal, Ecuador, Brazil, and mannerly people of all sizes.  She has loved working on the Troll Patrol project and hopes some day everyone all over the world is kind.

Vickie Ahlstrom


Vickie is a phenomenal 6th grade ALL (gifted and talented) teacher who inspires her students to achieve, serve, and learn the value that ambition and hard work equate to high achievement. Vickie is nationally board certified and is a distinguished science specialist.  She developed ‘Close Reading’ curriculum for My Troll Patrol.

Magic Contributer

James Young

avatarJames Young is a Software Engineer. He has created the magical interface of ‘My Troll Patrol’  With his online games and troll cards development, parents and community are able to connect with schools and service learning opportunities.

James has a strong desire to show all schools the benefits of the My Troll Patrol program after simultaneously having his son in an elementary school that had the My Troll Patrol Program and a daughter in a different school that did not have the program. He witnessed first hand how having the My Troll Patrol program helped build a safe friendly environment. He was shocked to find out that his daughter’s school did not offer any similar program.


Kenny Bryson

KBrysonKenny Brysons’ incredible work can be seen in My Troll Patrol and  he also teaches Art at American Fork Junior High school.  He loves to create images out of his mind and jumped at the chance to draw for My Troll Patrol.  Kenny also works with youth at an outdoor summer camp for  elementary students, and loves to draw anywhere he can.  Kenny loves drawing, swimming, running, basketball and riding bikes, but his favorite thing in life is to spend time with his family. Kenny is married to his best friend Season and together they have three beautiful daughters; Mercedes, Lily and Carly.

Benjamin Zabo

Ben SzaboBen teaches art at Brigham Young University Idaho.   Ben worked closely with Kenny Bryson and has captured the magic of trolls with his epic designs never seen before!


Sarah Brown

suzyo_photography422Sarah Brown is a professional graphic designer and photographer. For the past 10 years, she has been creating beautiful digital media for companies throughout the United States and has done several projects for an international quilting company. Sarah has a keen eye for color and real-life textures and has combined the two in her colorful pages of My Troll Patrol. Her creativity and attention to detail has brought the My Troll Patrol illustrations alive and added the magical components necessary to capture the hearts and minds of children.

Sarah isn’t afraid of trying new things and is always striving to increase her digital media skills. Although this is her first project as a colorist, she is deeply committed to making each page tell its own story and bring to it to life.

When Sarah is away from her computer and digital creations, she enjoys reading and discussing the young adult fantasy books that her children are reading. Her favorite authors are John Flanagan and Rick Riordan. Sarah is married to her best friend Tony and they have five amazing children. Her children and husband have been extremely patient as she has worked tirelessly to bring My Troll Patrol to you! In fact, her children aren’t quite sure what they will do when they finally get their mom back!

Erin Kays

ErinErin Kays is one of the illustrators for My Troll Patrol. She graduated from George Fox University in December 2014 with a degree in Studio Art, concentrating on Illustration. While Erin is capable of working many mediums, her specialty is in digital drawings. You can see her process here:!troll-patrol/c18vc   Erin is currently working with Soma Games and is living in Portland Oregon.